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Block Explorer

Public Explorer

Bitfinity's block explorer is based on the otterscan project and provides real-time access to blockchain data (blocks, transactions, etc.). It interfaces with a custom erigon node for continuous updates from Bitfinity.

Block Explorer

The Block Explorer offers users and developers access to tools and network statistics for in-depth insights into Bitfinity's EVM. Users can view transactions, addresses, and blocks. Developers can access charts and statistics related to smart contract execution, collator data, specific token transfers, and a list of ERC-20 tokens on Bitfinity.

Local Deployment

You can launch a standalone version of the block explorer for access to Bitfinity's blocks and transactions.

To do this, you will need to run a forked Erigon Node against the Bitfinity EVM. And once this has been stood up, you can run Otterscan or Bitfinity-Otterscan against this node.