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Block Explorer

Bitfinity Block Explorer

The Bitfinity Block Explorer is a powerful tool that provides real-time access to blockchain data, including blocks, transactions, and more. It is based on the open-source Blockscout project and interfaces with a custom Reth node for continuous updates from the Bitfinity network.

Accessing the Block Explorer

The Bitfinity Block Explorer is available for different networks at the following links:

Block Explorer Screenshot

Features and Benefits

The Bitfinity Block Explorer offers a wide range of features and benefits for both users and developers:

  • Real-time Data: Access up-to-date information on blocks, transactions, and network statistics.
  • User-friendly Interface: Easily navigate and explore the blockchain data with a intuitive and responsive UI.
  • Developer Tools: Gain insights into smart contract execution, collator data, token transfers, and more with charts and statistics.
  • ERC-20 Token Support: View a comprehensive list of ERC-20 tokens deployed on the Bitfinity network.
  • Transaction Details: Dive into the details of individual transactions, including sender, recipient, gas usage, and more.
  • Address Lookup: Quickly search and view information related to specific addresses, including balances and transaction history.

You can learn more about the Block Explorer and its features in the Blockscout Docs.

Alternative Block Explorers

In addition to the official Bitfinity Block Explorer, there are alternative explorers available for the Bitfinity network: