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EVM Overview

The Bitfinity EVM is a blockchain L2 for Bitcoin, built on the IC. It accomplishes a 1:1 equivalence with the Ethereum protocol, but with limited on-chain block history. The block-history is instead maintained by archive nodes.


We suggest you interact through the EVM through MetaMask or Hardhat as we provide an identical experience through our RPC. However, you may also interact with it through the Internet Computer CLI.

Powered by REVM

The Bitfinity EVM utilises the power of the REVM in its current implementation. Additionally, part of the Bitfinity Labs team have been made contributors to the project due to their significant contributions.

Additional Features

Additional precompiles

In order to provide additional support to the Internet Computer ecosystem, we may in future create additional precompiles.

More information about these precompiles can be found in the Bitfinity EVM precompile documentation.