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Welcome to Bitfinity: A Next-Generation BTC Layer 2 Solution

Bitfinity EVM

Bitfinity is a blazingly-fast (1000 TPS+), next-generation EVM, serving as a Layer Two for Bitcoin and other Bitcoin on-chain assets. With Bitfinity, you will be able to deploy smart-contracts for Bitcoin, Ordinals, BRC-20 - all written in Solidity. Bitfinity is built on the Internet Computer.

Layer 2 solutions are ubiquitous in the Ethereum world, and primarily rely on zero-knowledge cryptography or optimistic rollups to create secure bridges between the base layer-1 chain and the layer-2.

Bitfinity instead uses a threshold cryptographic scheme, called Chain-Key, to create a secure decentralised bridge between Bitfinity and the Bitcoin blockchain. Chain-key is unique, in that no single node ever has access to the threshold key, the threshold key shares are regenerated on a periodic basis every 11 minutes through "moon-math".

Getting Started

To get started, follow the guide in the getting-started section:

  • connect your wallet to Metamask
  • mint test-net tokens
  • bridge your cross-chain Bitcoin assets to Bitfinity.

Currently, Bitcoin is supported, but trustless bridges for BRC-20s are in the works.