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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm an app developer. Why should I choose Bitfinity over other EVMs?

Bitfinity gives you access to new assets on Bitcoin, but with a familiar EVM development environment. You can use Bitcoin and BRC20 in Solidity smart-contracts.

Bitfinity is high throughput and fast finality. Finality is 1-2 seconds and throughput is up to 1000 TPS.

What are the basic performance metrics?

Bitfinity EVM can operate at more than 100 times the throughput of the Ethereum Mainnet. Bitfinity helps to scale up the Bitcoin blockchain. You can also send twinned/wrapped Bitcoin on Bitfinity at lightning speeds.

How will transaction fees work?

The base fee token of Bitfinity is BITFINITY (BFT). By leveraging the underlying low-cost capabilities of the IC, Bitfinity transactions will often cost nothing.

DAO directed mechanisms that accumulate fees can channel a portion back to the projects running on Bitfinity!

What does the high-level roadmap look like?

While the detailed Bitfinity roadmap is available on the web site, in general, Bitfinity is set on its mission to integrate on-chain Bitcoin assets into the protocol, doing so in a seamless way.

How do I get started with Bitfinity?

Read through the docs, the getting-started section and mint testnet tokens from our discord channel.


How will bridging tokens between Ethereum and Bitfinity work?

Very easy! You'll select the direction of transfer, the token you want to transfer and the amount. Your address on Bitfinity will be the same as your Ethereum address. The Neuro Bridge currently works with MetaMask.

Which tokens will be supported?

Initially, chain-key versions of Bitcoin and BRC-20 tokens, as well as IC tokens. Later tokens from other ecosystems will be integrated, including Ethereum and Ethereum L2s.

How long will transfers take?

The Neuro Bridge technical architecture is designed to be “trustless”, meaning there’s no reliance on third-parties for authorizations. Trustless transfers align with the ethos of decentralized finance, and rely on network confirmations to ensure finality.

I have a few more questions. Where can I get help?

For support and help with any questions, don't hesitate to reach out on Discord